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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup    $16 
beef shank, bok choy, soy broth
Oolong Tea Noodle Soup    $14 
daikon, tofu, bok choy, mushroom broth


Popcorn Chicken    $9 
fried basil, 5-spice ketchup
Chinese Broccoli    $8
chili, garlic, toasted cashew crumble
Cucumber Salad    $5
shiso, garlic, sesame


No Pearl Milk Tea    $3 
Citron Lemon Aiyu Refresher    $4
28 oz Saratoga Water $6
Bottled Water $1 


Space Cap    $29


Celestine   |   Oct 11-12    |    5-9 pm   |    1 John St, Brooklyn


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