Our Story


A Story of Past, Present, & Beef

The story of Mumu began in 2020 shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The brothers missed sharing meals with family and friends, especially the dinner parties where they could share bowls of Taiwanese beef noodle soup—an ultimate reminder of their childhoods.

Out of this paucity came the idea of sharing a personal family recipe with the rest of the world. Friends could share meals over the internet.

Just as art and cinema have the power to tell stories across generations and across time, we believe food has the same capacity to pull people together in the human experience.

We, at Mumu, are a group of creators who strive to tell beautifully crafted stories through the power of dining. Even in a moment as isolating as we are in, food has a way to remind us of the good times. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as  we enjoy creating them!


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