Nostalgic flavors, electrified.

The Mumu beef noodle soup 牛肉麵 is a modern take on our own parents’ recipe, made with a sprinkle of originality and a dash of nostalgia. All senses will take flight with this dish, from the savory aromas filling your nose right down to your very first flavorful bite.

(Your sense of adventure may develop as well, don’t say we didn’t warn ya.) 

Our premium authentic Taiwanese beef noodle soup is made with clean ingredients and frozen to preserve texture and taste. Keep this in your freezer for a quick culinary adventure from the comfort of your home.

The Meat

Braised for hours in aged soy sauce, our tender beef shank immediately melts in your mouth.

Tasting Notes: Fragrant, nourishing, & oh so delicious.

The Broth

This rich, flavorful soup broth is imbued with hints of ginger, star anise, and red chili peppers.

Tasting Notes: Savory, piquant, & tends to make your mouth water.

The Noodles

Handmade in the Guanmiao district of Tainan, our sun-dried wheat noodles perfectly soak up the flavors of our broth.

Tasting Notes: Authentic, memorable, & delightfully palatable.

Beef Noodle Soup

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Beef Noodle Soup + Tendon

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Mumu Sampler Pack



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