Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup with Tendon



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Our premium authentic Taiwanese beef noodle soup with tendon is made with clean ingredients and frozen to preserve texture and taste. Keep this in your freezer for a quick culinary adventure from the comfort of your home. Prep time is only 5 minutes!

In Your Bag:

2oz Braised Beef Shank, 2oz Braised Beef Tendon
15oz Broth
2.5oz Handmade Sun-dried Noodles

Beef Shank, Beef Tendon, Filtered Water, Wheat Flour Noodle (Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Sodium Carbonate), Tomatoes, Onion, Shaoxing Rice Wine, Dark Soy Sauce, Light Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Soybean Paste, Ginger, Sea Salt, Star Anise, Red Chili

Calories 360
Total Fat 4g
Sodium 1820mg
Total Carbs 33g
Protein 43g

Contains wheat and soy.

The Meat

Braised for hours in aged soy sauce, our tender beef shank immediately melts in your mouth.

Tasting Notes: Fragrant, nourishing, & oh so delicious.

The Meat

The Broth

This rich, flavorful soup broth is imbued with hints of ginger, star anise, and red chili peppers.

Tasting Notes: Savory, piquant, & tends to make your mouth water.

The Broth

The Noodles

Handmade in the Guanmiao district of Tainan, our sun-dried wheat noodles perfectly soak up the flavors of our broth.

Tasting Notes: Authentic, memorable, & delightfully palatable.

The Noodles
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Chin L.
United States
So tasty!

I'm Taiwanese American and I recently moved from the Bay Area to somewhere with close to zero Asian population, and this beef noodle soup is perfect for when I miss Taiwanese food! The broth is very flavorful, warms you up, and the tendon is *chef's kiss*. If I add another pack of noodles and vegetables, I actually can share just one pack of this with my boyfriend, making it two people's portion.

United States United States
Beef noodle

Taste is the same as what I had in Taipei. Great!!!

Kallen C.
United States United States
Very enjoyable

I am so glad I can now easily order and prepare this beef tendon noodle soup. Just added some vegetables and a very tasty ‘Taiwan’ beef noodle soup lunch.

Mumu Meals Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup with Tendon ($15/pack) Review
Alice L.
United States United States
Delicious + convenient

Restaurant quality + super easy to store in the freezer and just heat up. Highly recommend - easy to add your own veggies as well!

Katrina L.
United States United States
Let Taiwan come to you

Taiwan is the country my husband and I would love to visit someday. Heard so much about the beef noodles there. Your Beef Noodle is just out of this world! Can't go to Taiwan yet? Let Taiwan come to you! Thank you for making these delicious noddles available to us!

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