Daikon Mushroom Broth ($5/Pack)



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Our signature Daikon Mushroom broth is made with clean ingredients and frozen to preserve texture and taste. Just add vegetables for a healthy winter meal or use it as a base for your own recipes. Keep this in your freezer for a quick culinary adventure from the comfort of your home. Prep time is only 5 minutes!

In Your Broth Pack:

5 x 15oz Broth

Limited time free add-on:
5 x 2.5oz Handmade Oolong Tea Noodles

Water, Radish, Rice Cooking Wine, Onion, Mushroom Powder, Mushroom Extract, Vitamin B, Calcium, Green Onion, Ginger, Jujube, Garlic, Kombu

Calories 150
Total Fat 1g
Sodium 460mg
Total Carbs 30g
Protein 6g

Manufactured in a facility which processes wheat and soy.

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